• How Can We Help You

    We have several Ministries designed to meet your needs.

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    Elder Mitchell & Prophetess Lisa Ward

    Married Couples Ministry

    This dynamic team provides wisdom, encouragement and recreational activities for married couples. They also assist the Pastors with Men's/Women's Ministry activities.

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    Sgt. Christopher King & L.Michelle Salvant

    Media/Collegiate/Missions Ministry

    The Salvants operate in several capacities at Higher Dimension including overseeing the Media department, working with College students and developing the Missions department.

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    Veronta & Valencia Bryant

    Children & Music Ministry

    Newlyweds Veronta & Valencia Bryant serve together on the church's Praise/Worship team. Valencia is also the leader of the Children's Ministry.

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    Rasool & Brandis Hall

    Worship/Security Ministry

    Rasool & Brandis Hall are always upbeat and eager to help. Brandis serves as the church's Worship Leader, while Rasool is a Deacon and helps to oversee the Security Ministry.

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    Elder Miranda Cole

    Performing Arts Ministry

    From Monologues and Reader's Theatre to Full Ministry Productions, Elder Miranda oversees performing arts for all ages at the church.

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    Adria Carpenter

    Intercessory Prayer Ministry

    A quiet, yet powerful woman of God, Adria was recently appointed as the Lead Intercessor for the church.

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    Prophetess Shawnchine Tinson

    Helps Ministry

    A woman of amazing strength and stamina, Prophetess Shawn helps out wherever there is a need.

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    Samantha Stewart & Michael Johnson

    Hospitality Ministry

    These two gifted souls are experts at making you feel welcome. From catering signature church events, to organizing various welcome activities, these two make the church a place everyone loves to call home.

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    The Ruth Project

    Dr. Nicky E. Collins,


    The Ruth Project is a 6-month mentoring program designed to help women to tap into their Life purpose and pursue destiny.

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    The Solomon Project

    Apostle Carlos L. Collins, Sr., Founder

    With a motto of ensuring "No Man Is Left Behind," The Solomon Project meets regularly for powerful Men's sessions as well as recreational activities for good, wholesome Men's Fellowship.

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