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21-Day Fast: New Prayer Directives

January 19 - 25

Our 21-Day fast is well underway! This week, Apostle Carlos issued a new set of Prayer Directives. He also extended our Fasting Time, which is now 6am - 2pm (Daily). Here's more information:

HDChurchTallahassee 21-Day Fast

Fasting January 12 - February 2

Fasting Time: 6am -2pm

January 19 - Praying For Homeless Families

January 20 - Praying For Marriages

January 21 - Praying For Single Mothers & Fathers

January 22 - Praying For Children & Youth

January 23 - Praying For College Students

January 24 - Praying For National Leaders & Governmental Leaders

January 25 - Praying For The Marketplace, Businesses And Business Leaders

Be sure to tune into our Wednesday Night Power Surge this week for our final set of Prayer Directives, which will be released, January 25.